Mega Courses collection

*All Coding Blocks courses*

*All Coding ninjas Courses* 

*Coding Couses Zipped*

*Mega Ebooks Collection*

*Competitive Programming All Courses*

*Unacademy gate cse by sanchit Jain*

*some zip courses of CN and others*

*All Placement Related Material*

*IIT Jee and Neet material*

```Errors which you face in future```

*User Rate Limit Exceeded*

Reason :
it means soo many people using this links at the same time 

Soln : 
The only soln is you have to wait for 24hr , after that it will start working

Cloudflare worker provide 

100,000 requests/day
1000 requests/min

If you go beyond this you gonna see that error
and have to wait for 24hr 

soo don't panic 

*Don't abuse this by Downloading stuff which you don't needed*
Jonny Richards

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