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A huge list of specifying search engine which can help you gain a lot of time and reach your goal in no time…

  • You are not going to use google again, search for the specific subject with the right searcher
  • This is a full list of the different search engines on the internet. (about 58 search engines) + property (date of creation, 3rd-Party Trackers, proxy service, adult filter …) of each one. 47

Telegram search:

Programmable Search Engine 22

Anonfiles search: 18

Zippy Share Search:Zippyshare Search and Download

Zippyshare Search and Download 9

Open Directory search:


ODCrawler – Find any file online! 9

A search engine for open directories. Find millions of publicly available files

Open Directory Alternatives:

FileChef – Open Directory Search Engine 5

Filechef is a niche search engine, specializing in file search. It indexes millions of files found on the web and provides efficient search over them with easy to use filters. It is the largest search engine of its kind with over 200M files indexed.


dedigger 15

Find public files in Google Drive.i

Weboasis search engine: 3

Zipalpha: 2

Searchfiles: 4

Filesearch: 4

MegaDB 11

ENJOY! :blue_heart:

Google Dorking Alternative | Biggest Search Engine Party

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