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Welcome to Wireshark for Security Professionals. This was an exciting book for us to write. A combined effort of a few people with varied backgrounds—spanning information security, software development, and online virtual lab development and teaching—this book should appeal and relate to many people.
Wireshark is the tool for capturing and analyzing network traffic. Originally named Ethereal but changed in 2006, Wireshark is well established and respected among your peers. But you already knew that, or why would you invest your time and money in this book? What you’re really here for is to delve into how
Wireshark makes your job easier and your skills more effective.

Overview of the Book and Technology

This book hopes to meet three goals:

  • Broaden the information security professional’s skillset through Wireshark.
  • Provide learning resources, including labs and exercises, to apply what
  • you learn.
  • Demonstrate how Wireshark helps with real-life scenarios through Lua
  • scripting.

The book isn’t only for reading; it’s for doing. Any Wireshark book can show how wonderful Wireshark can be, but this book also gives you opportunities to practice the craft, hone your skills, and master the features Wireshark offers.

These opportunities come in a few forms. First, to apply what’s in the text, you will practice in labs. You build the lab environment early on the book and put it to use throughout the chapters that follow. The second opportunity…

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[PDF] Wireshark® For Security Professionals Free Download – Google Drive Links

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