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Fundamental analysis is the digesting economic data to assentially determine whether a currency is undervalued or overvalued.

Once a view has been formed based on the fundamentals of a respective currency, this can then be compared across the currency market.

Conducting forex fundamental analysisis not as difficult and as boring as you may think. We have made this all very much fun and informative, set to largely contribute towards your development.

Over the years of testing many strategies to see what works most effectively with trading fundamentals, Supply and Demand has proven its efficiency.

It is not to sy this will be the holy grail when trading fundamentals, however if properly executed with a solid risk management plan, success can be found.


My name is Ken Chigbo, also known as Ken FX Freak’. I have a strong amount of passion and experience within the financial markets, over 10 years and counting.

I started by career as a market analyst, being sucked into; the movement of the markets, what dictates the fluctuations in pricing, economic and political dramas, making money from a fundamental or technical view on the market and much more. These were the sort of things that hooked me in.

During my time as an analyst, I had thousands of daily listeners, carefully digesting everything I was observing across the market. Providing the necessary information to assist with a trader’s activity, the additional tool for their fundamental and market theme requirements.

I was keen to start helping people, as the masses found large value in my ability to break things down for the everyday person. Helping understand economics and fundamentals that are occurring globally.

Freak Forex Fundamentals Syllabus

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product) (4:05)
  • Retail Sales (3:24)
  • Inflation (5:50)
  • Labour Market (2:37)
  • Central Banks (7:15)
  • Hawks & Doves (3:02)
  • Central Banks & Monetary Policy Divergence (4:46)
  • Building A Picture With Central Bank Information (7:20)
  • Central Bank Action Example (2:00)
  • Central Bank Rate Decision Example – FOMC Cut Rates (4:55)
  • Global Economic Slowdown (3:15)
  • Correlating Economies and Currencies (3:11)
  • Commodity Linked Currencies (2:30)
  • Bond Market Correlation To Currency Market (4:24)
  • Geopolitical Events (4:20)
  • Geopolitical Impact On Market (Examples) (3:53)
  • Geopolitical Market Reaction Example – Trump Announces Tariffs On China (9:12)
  • Safe-haven Currencies (3:52)
  • Safe-haven Currencies Market Example (3:57)
  • Stock Market – Currency Correlation (3:08)
  • Market Flash Crash (5:12)
  • Economic Calendar (4:15)

Supply & Demand Trading

  • Introduction To Supply & Demand
  • Finding Demand (5:43)
  • Finding Supply (3:10)
  • Time Frames (3:32)
  • Economic Event Example 1 (4:36)
  • Economic Event Example 2 (3:56)

Free Download Freak Forex Fundamentals


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[Download] Freak Forex Fundamentals Free Download – Google Drive Links

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