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Ever since the Internet went online, email has been hugely popular with everyone. At first, it was just a tool to keep in contact with people in one’s office, but soon, it became the tool of choice for marketers online. Knowing how to develop an email contact list and how to market to people online can establish your business and make your sales grow exponentially. Doing it right has many rewards, but doing it wrong can also cost you.

While the basic steps are easy, you can create variations and specific marketing strategies to appeal to the reader of your emails, no matter what step you’re on. Literally, you will want to do the following to start an email campaign:

1. Set up a capture page
This is the page that entices readers to add their names to your mailing list. It can include a free offer, like a newsletter, report, or ebook, or it can give out a coupon as a nice gift for adding their names.

2. Use a double opt-in form
Next, you want to use specific techniques to safeguard your list from spammers and hackers. The double opt-in is the standard practice these days, and we’ll go over that further later.

3. Set up autoresponders
After you have captured an email and verified the new subscriber, you’ll want to send them a thank you for subscribing. There are numerous activities that you will want to do to confirm some step in the email campaign, and if you were to do them all manually, you’d never get off of the computer. That’s why you need to set up autoresponders to work for you.

4. Create multiple lists
While everyone may be signing up using the same tools, they may not all go onto the same list. You should categorize your subscribers so that you can target them quite specifically with particular products and promotions that will appeal to them.

5. Design different marketing campaigns
You don’t just want to have a generic marketing campaign; you want something that will appeal to the demographic on your email list.

6. Use sales techniques that impact the psyche
Create an emotional response that gets your customers to buy. Have some great ideas for triggering basic buying behavior via the content in your email.

7. Automate the delivery of your products
It should be part of your email marketing campaign to offer delivery as soon as possible. We’ll show you what products lend themselves well to email marketing campaigns and why.

8. Keep track of what’s working
This is crucial to figuring out whether your campaign is successful or not. Some people put all of the pieces into place except for this one and then wonder why their work is not paying off. Learn what things you want to track to make sure that your email campaigns are proving to be effective.

9. Customize the steps to your audience
While the basic steps will be the same for everyone, not everyone’s audience is the same. It’s up to you to figure what triggers will work best with your demographic and to implement procedures that will
help you develop a better email marketing campaign.

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