Reader’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the GameStop Frenzy

What Is GameStop, the Company, Really Worth? Does It Matter? The frenzy for the troubled retailer’s stock has been a headscratcher for the analysts who try to determine a company’s value.

Robinhood, Under the Gun, Raises $2.4 Billion: The high volume of trading by its customers, many of them egged on by social media, has put a strain on the company’s balance sheet.

Silver Rises With Hype It’s the Next GameStop, but a Backlash Mutes Gains: The precious metal jumped 11.5 percent to its highest level in eight years, then gave up some of its gains as some online investors smelled a trap.

Gensler Faces Big Challenge in Tackling GameStop’s Wild Ride: There is broad agreement that the capital markets have been distorted but less consensus on what, if anything, the S.E.C. should do about it.

The Silicon Valley Start-Up That Caused Wall Street Chaos: Robinhood pitched itself to investors as the antithesis of Wall Street. It didn’t say that it also entirely relies on Wall Street. This past week, the two realities collided.

Trading Curbs Reverse GameStop Rally, Angering Upstart Traders: Small investors accused one trading platform of being “dishonest” and “pandering to the elite” as new restrictions on some stock trades spurred a calmer day in the markets.

Robinhood, in Need of Cash, Raises $1 Billion From Its Investors: The no-fee trading app, which is popular with young investors, has been strained by the high volume of trading in stocks like GameStop.

How to Keep Your Cool in the GameStop Market: Signs of irrational exuberance abound. Stay sober and invest for the long run, our columnist says.

So You Just Made a Lot of Money on GameStop. Don’t Forget About Taxes: Some investors may have notched tens of thousands of dollars in profits. Depending on when they sell the stock, they may owe hefty capital gains taxes.

Behind the Stock Market’s Wild Ride: It wasn’t just GameStop. Shares in AMC Entertainment, American Airlines, Nokia and, yes, Tootsie Roll Industries soared, and briefly fell, last week.

4 Things to Know About the GameStop Insanity: It has been a weird time in the stock market, where a video game retailer has suddenly become the center of attention.

How Options Trading Could Be Fueling a Stock Market Bubble: A swell of individual investors are betting that stocks will go up. That enthusiasm is having a growing influence over the regular stock market itself.

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