Hacking | How To Make Your Own Keylogger In C++


Today, with the existence of a program called a Keylogger, gaining unauthorized access to a computer user’s passwords, accounts and confidential information has become as easy as falling off a log. You don’t necessarily need to have physical access to the user’s computer before you are able to monitor
it, sometimes all it takes is a single click on a link to your program by the user. Anyone with basic knowledge about computer can use a Keylogger. By the time you are done with this chapter, hopefully you will be able to make your own Keylogger through simple, well explained and illustrated steps I have made for you.

A Keylogger, sometimes called a “keystroke logger” or “system monitor” is a computer program that
monitors and records every keystroke made by a computer user to gain unauthorized access to
passwords and other confidential information.

Why it’s better to write your own Keylogger as opposed to just downloading it from the internet is the reason of Anti-virus detection. If you write your own custom codes for a keylogger and keep the source code to yourself, companies that specialize in creating Anti-virus will have nothing about your Keylogger and thus, the chances of cracking it will be considerably low. Furthermore, downloading a Keylogger from the Internet is tremendously dangerous, as you have no idea what might have been embedded in the program. In other words, you might have your own system “monitored”…


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Setting Up The Environment
  • Chapter 2. Setting the Eclipse environment:
  • Chapter 3. Programming Basics (Crash course on C++)
  • Chapter 4. A Typical Program
  • Chapter 5. Pointers and Files
  • Chapter 6. Basic Keylogger
  • Chapter 7. Upper and Lower case letters
  • Chapter 8. Encompassing other characters
  • Chapter 9. Hide Keylogger console window
  • About The Author
  • Conclusion

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Happy learning!

Jonny Richards

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