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Hostinger Review – The 10 Pros & 2 Cons (Server Speed & Uptime Tested, 3 Sites!)


Why Speed is Important To Us


If you’ve been following our blogs and reviews, you’d know that we like our web hosting like we like our cars: Fast & flashy! Well, maybe not flashy but we sure like ‘em fast!

We place so much importance in web hosting speed because the lack of speed is without a doubt, the number 1 cause of death for many small businesses. Unlike corporate giants, every single sale counts for small entrepreneurs, and we simply can’t afford to lose customers due to avoidable problems like slow web hosting.

Web Hosting Speed

(Source: ThinkWithGoogle)


These days, your customers expect your site to load in less than one second! Anything above that increases the bounce rate by a staggering 32%, and everything just starts falling apart if there’s a wait time of more than 5 seconds.

To keep our audiences happy, we’ve developed the habit of treating them like impatient 2-year-olds; we find ways to give them whatever they want, as soon as they want it, or they’ll start wailing. In our case, we deliver data to our audiences in under a second because we don’t want them to abandon our site and carts, which is why we’re drawn to web hosting that responds exceptionally fast.


In this article, we review our 3 Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting plans (one in Singapore, another in the US and one more in Europe) just so we could see how fast they respond and if they would be the right fit for you, our dear readers.


To ensure that we’ve accumulated sufficient data to write this review, we’ve created 3 test sites. The data centers for our test sites are located across 3 continents (Asheville NC, Amsterdam, and Singapore) so you’ll be able to judge how they perform in locations closest to your customers.


So enough of our rambling, let’s get on to why you’re reading this article in the first place:


10 Reasons Why Hostinger Is The Right Host For You!


1. Hostinger Is REALLY Fast


We put our Hostinger US test site through a speed stress test using our proprietary server speed checker (still the best and only server speed checker in the world #shamelessplug), benchmarking it against Google’s recommendation of 200 ms, and here are the results.


US (W)US (E)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
69 ms28 ms98 ms239 ms130 ms
331 ms233 ms165 ms38 ms100 ms
US Datacenter Average Speed: 143.1 ms


Ladies and gentlemen, the speed test results of our Hostinger US test site came back with a worldwide average of a blazing fast 143 ms, which ranks them as one of our A+ top tier hosts!

Next, we tested our Hostinger Singapore site to see how it responds to pings from all over the world

US (W)US (E)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
194 ms229 ms246 ms5 ms349 ms
99 ms191 ms70 ms212 ms163 ms
Singapore Datacenter Average Speed: 175.8 ms


If you intend to cater to audiences in Asia (and Australia / New Zealand), you’ll be happy to know that Hostinger returned a stupid fast response of 5 ms from Singapore, with an average speed of 176 ms around the world. Hostinger Singapore gets an A+ ranking from us.

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Last but not least, we’ve got our Hostinger EU site to evaluate.

US (W)US (E)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
142 ms100 ms54 ms236 ms209 ms
314 ms265 ms235 ms84 ms11 ms
Netherlands Datacenter Average Speed: 165 ms


For those of you targeting European markets, Hostinger would be one of the fastest web hosts for you. 54 ms from London, those are really impressive speeds! Hostinger Europe is equally speedy like their Singapore and American counterparts, and they returned decent worldwide average speeds of 165 ms, which means that they’re ranked a solid A+!


If you study our test results, you might be a little concerned that locations far away from their designated data centers aren’t that great. That’s actually quite normal as the data has to travel further to get to their target destination.


This should be a non issue though, because Hostinger has a grand total of 6 datacenters across the globe, namely in the USA, EU, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore & Indonesia (there’s 1 more being built in their home country of Lithuania). Just pick data center closest to your users and they’ll get to enjoy your site’s breakneck loading speeds in all its glory!



2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee! Have A Lock To Hostinger


Few people out there take uptime guarantee seriously, but to us it can make or break our opinions on a web host. Small business sites need to be up as much as possible, as any sort of downtime means loss of potential sales.

Extended downtimes can lead to our sites losing rank on Google, which is bad news for the business.

While some web hosting companies provide uptime guarantee, some of them can be rather sketchy, sliding in terms like “release of payment is up to our due discretion” which means that they can choose not to reimburse whatever they guaranteed.

We combed through Hostinger’s TOS and found no traces of such nonsense.

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hostinger service uptime guarantee


If your site’s downtime dips below 99.9% due to Hostinger’s faults, just contact them to get 5% of your monthly fee back.

So far, we’ve been happy with Hostinger’s uptime!


Uptime since March 2019


Hostinger Asheville NC's Uptime


Uptime since March 2019


Hostinger Netherlands Uptime


Uptime since March 2019


Hostinger Singapore's Uptime



The counters above are updating constantly. The uptime is monitored with UptimeRobot every 5 minutes.


3. Faster Loading With Cache Manager


We’re just so happy that Hostinger has come up with so many ways of improving loading speeds. One of them is their very own Cache Manager. Enabling it allows for quicker load times and improved speeds!

Here’s what you need to do to turn it on.

Enter hPanel and hit “Manage” on the site you want to turn it on. Scroll down to “Advanced”. You’ll see “Cache Manager” listed as one of the options. Click on “Cache Manager”

Hostinger Cache Manager


Once you’re inside, all you have to do is click on “Change” and you should see the “Automatic Cache” button turn green, indicating that it’s On. Click on “Purge All”, and you’re good to go!

Hostinger Cache Manager Settings


We ran some tests on our Hostinger test site using, to see how it performs with Cache Manager on here are the results:


Hostinger test site load speed

Cache Manager On. Site loads in 0.673s
(See full test result)


Our test sites are stock installs, super light with no optimizations so there’s not much that Cache Manager can do. However, Cache Manager’s effect will be amplified once the site has more content and images.


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4. Awesome Benefits That Increase SPEED!


Our Hostinger Premium Shared account came with an entire list of benefits, all of which improves speed one way or another. Here are some of our favourites!


  • 1-Click Installer
    This feature made installing our favourite apps so much more convenient. Gone were the days where we had to manually do everything. With this feature, 1 click is all you need to get your favourite apps installed.
  • PHP7 Support
    If you’re a developer, you’ll be pleased to know that Hostinger has PHP7 support! PHP7 is one of the biggest PHP releases in the over 10 years and it is MUCH FASTER than its predecessor, PHP5. In benchmarks tests run with Drupal and WordPress, PHP7 is easily twice as fast as PHP5.6.


    PHP7 benchmarks tests run

  • Git Support
    Git is a very powerful tool that everyone’s heard about but not a lot of people know what it actually does. So, long story short, git is an open source version control system, created so that developers can work together on their projects in a fast and efficient manner, no matter how large or small.

    Git is so popular that it is used by many large corporations, like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and even Netflix!

    It may not matter much to you, but If you’re gonna hire developers to build something for your small business, they’ll be very glad that your web host supports Git. It just makes the problem-solving process so much smoother!

  • Optimized for WordPress
    Hostinger’s shared hosting plans come with the latest versions of WordPress, and is custom-optimized to deliver some of the fastest loading speeds in the industry. Just FYI, there’s a reason that WordPress powers 30% of the internet (they’re just that damn good!) so we highly recommend it for your small business!
  • Cutting Edge NGINX Caching
    Another reason why you should be using WordPress with Hostinger is their NGINX caching. It significantly boosts WordPress performance by turbocharging the loading speed of static content via the streamlining of data.
  • HTTP/2
    Or in other words, HTTP 2.0. It’s the spiritual successor to HTTP1, and is much faster, secure, and easier to use.
    HTTP/2 works by delivering data via binary code. This reduces data size and improves speed, and your users will feel a significant improvement in your site load performance!
  • LiteSpeed Cache
    LiteSpeed Cache is a WordPress plugin that significantly increases website performance, with the latest update showing huge improvements on TTFB results
    When you install WordPress via Hostinger’s Auto Installer LiteSpeed Cache will be automatically installed for you, no mess no fuss! You can learn more about how it works over here.
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